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SeniorNet Hibiscus Coast means seniors helping seniors. We are an Incorporated Society that gives seniors an opportunity in a supportive environment, to learn about and become confident in the use of computers. 

Our strength is our helpful support of each other.

Computers can be a great interest for older, retired people. With a computer they can communicate readily with family members around the world. This includes using their computer to make free toll calls anywhere plus use the technology to view their special people in real time. Others find that a computer is ideal when doing their family history. Many are happy to just learn how to email or Skype as mentioned, there is no pressure to evolve but don't be surprised if you get hooked and want to learn more.

They also find that the Internet allows them to discover a new world of information and interests. There are numerous games of differing skill levels including cards & puzzles, dont forget jigsaw puzzles, to keep the mind and fingers active.

The Orewa Learning Centre (HBC) runs courses and workshops that cover most of the basic and some more specialist skills.

By becoming confident in the use of their computers, older people find that they can make a greater contribution to the community through helping with those tasks for which computers are well suited such as newsletters (clubs), booklets (children’s stories, recipe booklets, short stories), family history, memoirs, data recording (activities), flyers (promoting interests) and much more.

Computers are also very much becoming the mode of communication for most government departments so even basic knowledge is an asset today.

SeniorNet HBC will get you going!!

Room 1 on left, with Room 2 on right. Projector screen visible in left hand photo.

Don't worry if you haven't used a computer at all! We will patiently take you from the beginning.

** Click here for Mouse help ** (no experience needed, beginners welcome)

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Two hour classes (once a week for four or eight weeks) and can cover:
introductory computer skills, 
word processing, processing pictures and photographs, placing pictures in documents, spreadsheets and some more advanced topics. 

For details of courses click Course Information > Courses We Offer tab and scroll to the description, duration and prerequisites (if any) for courses.

Workshops/Question & Answer Sessions:

In addition to the regular courses, a wide range of two hour workshops are available. The most popular is OneDrive/USB plus some other interesting and useful topics which are single sessions.

We also have a 3 week course on Email, showing the bare essentials to adding attachments.
For details click on Course Information > Workshops We Offer tab on the Home page. 
This page gives a description of the workshops we run with a schedule reached by scrolling through to the end of the page.

Help Centre: 

The Society seeks to help members as much as possible and to that end we maintain a Help Centre at  the Centre, staffed during the day by volunteers.
Members need only to ring the Help Centre and help will be arranged e.g. pc help could be one of a few recommended names we can direct you to from Orewa to Whangaparaoa to Red Beach to Silverdale to nationally available Need a Nerd.


The Society issues a regular Newsletter to keep members informed of events and other interesting things.
This is emailed prior to each term commencement to financial members.